About Us

JSRUIYA Hydraulic Machinery is a leader in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for OEMs in the industrial and mobile hydraulic cylinder markets. Our products- hydraulic cylinders are used for excavators, loaders, forklift, cranes, tractors and other industrial machineries and agriculture machineries with ISO9001:2008 Quality System Management.
JSRUIYA is a leading manufacturer of mobile hydraulic cylinders including single-acting、 double-acting、 welded、telescopic cylinders and piston rod cylinders.Our professional team has over 10 years of experience in hydraulic systems and components. we can match our customer’s need-by date with our lead time to ensure a seamless delivery.
Custom. Crafted. Cylinders. It’s what we do.



  • Problems With Cylinders Problems With Cylinders

    Cylinder is cast, the cylinder after leaving the factory to go through the aging treatment, so that the cylinder in the casting process produced by the internal stress completely eliminated.

  • Buffer Device For Hydraulic Cylinder Buffer Device For Hydraulic Cylinder

    In the hydraulic system using hydraulic cylinder drive with a certain quality of the mechanism, when the hydraulic cylinder movement to the end of the stroke has a large kinetic energy, such as no deceleration treatment

  • Classification Of Hydraulic Cylinders Classification Of Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinder structure form is various, its classification method also has many kinds: according to the movement way can be divided into linear reciprocating motion type and rotary swing type

  • Introduction Of Hydraulic Cylinder Introduction Of Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic cylinder is the actuator in the hydraulic transmission system, which is the energy conversion device which converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical power.